Wednesday, August 1, 2018

God Loves Them

God just shake them! Make them! Make them listen to you because your ways are good! Jesus you are the way, the truth, and the life! Open their eyes and soften their hearts. Show your wonders to them! You are in control. God, you are Lord. Don’t let your children suffer.
On that morning, this was my heart’s cry... And I was reminded, my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts. My response was soft and slow, I know God. But it hurts to see someone I love go through so much pain. It’s difficult to see this world as it continues to go toward darkness. It just hurts when we have no control. I know the beginning from the end and everything in between. I am God. Do you trust me? His Word spoke loudly from my Bible reading. I could hear the reminders of His faithfulness.

Sometimes the circumstances of this world will try to arrest my prayer and discourage me. Sometimes my mouth is unable to form the words. I look for that magic prayer that will make the situation change. I grasp at all the verses I know and yell to the enemy, he is a loser. His place is already marked in hell and there was no forgiveness of his sins. That's why he hates us because he ain't us {yes I get a little hood with satan- he annoys me}.

Nonetheless, no matter what I say to that petty enemy, the truth is suffering still remains. Although the enemy has lost, he is seemingly winning in some people’s lives and here in this world. The pain is still there. Lives are still not changed. God sees everything. But our gift of free-will continues to allow things to go toward darkness.
It is not God’s desire that anyone shall perish {2 Peter 3:9}. He created each one of His children and loves them with a perfect unfailing love. It’s difficult to watch people as they struggle with their own journey. At the same time, I know it is their journey and they have to make the choice. People have the option to seek Him wholeheartedly so that they will find Him. God presents Himself in different ways through different situations. He never stops knocking. He never stops pursuing. However, we have to open the door. {Revelation 3:20}. I am thankful that I serve a Father who allows for choice and does not force us to love Him. In fact, forcing someone isn’t love at all. We have the ability to choose and the option to not choose. There is an opportunity for the enemy to do what he’s been doing since the beginning; Deceiving others into believing that God is trying to take away our freedom, that He wants to keep something good from us. {Genesis 3} I remind myself of the true roles. It’s the enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus came so that we might have life {John 10:10}. When God gave His commands, it was for protection and not harm. He is our safe place and our refuge. Growing up, we had rules in the house. Did you? At the time it was because I thought my mom was trying to ruin my life {so dramatic}. Contrarily, It was for my protection. God is our Father and He places boundaries on our lives for a reason. Just like a parent who loves their child. That is our Abba Father. When we live outside of those parameters, there are consequences that affect us, those around us, and generations after us. As I cry out asking God to change stubborn stony hearts to soft and responsive hearts {Ezekiel 36:26}, I am reminded that He loves His children more than I do. That He will leave the 99 to go after the one {Luke 15:4}. That it isn’t His desire that His children shall perish {2 Peter 3:9}, and ultimately celebrates when a lost sheep returns home. I am reminded, God loves all of His children much more than I do.

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