Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Uncomfortable Place

Sitting in a difficult meeting is just uncomfortable. Especially with a parent who is not pleased.

On this day, I had a not so happy parent, who was known for a few choice words to demonstrate her displeasure. Prior to the meeting I sat in my car and said a prayer:

“Father, help me to see her as you do.”

I knew that this was the only way to not be offended by her words. If I called on the Protector, He could build an invisible bubble-like force field to surround me and any evil words would just bounce off. Thus, I would walk out of the meeting unbothered, unharmed, with a successful meeting under my belt.

Okay, okay. Maybe that isn’t exactly how God worked for THIS particular situation. But He could if He wanted to. Don’t put my Daddy in a box!

I closely observed the parent. I noticed each time her cheeks turned red. I watched her body language as she sat with her arms folded. She wasn’t happy. She wanted something more.

In Matthew 9, Jesus was found “seeing” someone {Matthew 9:36-38}. Matthew, the author, explained how Jesus “saw” the crowds. He noticed that they were confused, helpless, and in need of a shepherd. He had compassion on them. He then told the disciples to pray for more workers to help with the harvest.

At that moment I felt my call to duty, show mercy and compassion. Help the harvest.

As I tried not to be the creepy teacher staring at the parent, I soon began to recall some information shared with me about the parent’s background. She was confused and felt helpless. She was unaware of what she needed for her child and because of her past, felt the need to use negativity to get her point across.

It now completely made sense why this parent wanted more for her child. It made sense why this parent challenged everything the school team put forth. Her past experiences with the educational system shaped her inability to trust the current team.  

Now that I put myself in her shoes, there was a different approach that was needed. Compassion and Mercy. Yep. Gotcha God.

Although a bubble force field would have been nice. The Holy Spirit chose to remind me of where this family came from.

Each member of the meeting discussed their area of need. I watched the clock as the meeting end time was near. Would I not get the opportunity to speak? That would be great! No, that wouldn’t. That would only require a second meeting. I want a chance to tell the parent, this meeting, her child is capable. More importantly, I wanted to explain the various options. She has options. All of a sudden, I found myself wanting to speak. “Pick me, pick me” my heart cried out.

Until they picked me...

Butterflies. Nervousness. What’s my title again? Stick to the facts, and say something!
Although the parent had a couple of quick comebacks. I was reminded each time, that she doesn’t trust the team. So I did what I could to make it better. I turned my cheek and allowed her the opportunity to jab at the next one {Matthew 5:39}. Regardless of her actions, I was determined to demonstrate light and not be a part of the darkness that defined her past.

Yes, the meeting ended successfully. The parent was okay with the plan moving forward. I couldn’t avoid this uncomfortable place, but with guidance, I made it through.

Have you ever had a moment where you found yourself in an uncomfortable place?

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