Monday, February 20, 2017

Be The Light

I Spent some time cleaning off my desk the other day. I thought maybe this was the reason I couldn't focus on writing. Every time I would sit down to post to my blog I all of a sudden didn't "feel" like editing or finding/taking a picture. Sometimes thoughts of doubt and insecurities would pop in my head who really cares about what you are writing Amber- does anyone even read it? But as I pray, redirect myself, and focus more on Jesus I begin to realize that those thoughts aren't from God, they aren't His voice.

Jesus says that His sheep know His voice and the voice of a stranger they do not follow {John 10:3-5}. I'm convinced that the enemy is planting seeds of doubt. he doesn't want me to share God's goodness, he doesn't want me to glorify God's name. he doesn't want me to feel encouraged through God's love and in return encourage others. he wants me to sit on the couch and watch mindless TV. It's okay if I go to church on Sunday and sometimes Wednesday. But to actually see my life change and then telling others how Jesus is changing my life through a blog--Nope the little devil is not having that.

I'm not sure when the desire to write first started. In high school, I hated writing. I'm a horrible speller and my grammatical situation requires some guidance. I place all kinds of commas and dashes where they don't belong and I might just compose a few run on sentences. When I started college I became super insecure about my entire educational foundation. I was placed in classes with people that knew so much. And please let's not get on my reading. I NEVER wanted to be called on to read because someone in my educational history, didn't think it was necessary to teach me phonics--or maybe I just blocked out that entire part of my learning. But somehow I decided I wanted to be a journalist and write. The idea was to write for a popular magazine and interview "famous" people. Then I would marry someone that I interviewed because that's what happens when you write for a big-time magazine, right? Well, that dream was crushed when I got to college and realized that journalism wasn't fun, the writing seemed to be super technical, and I realized that I could possibly get the gig that would require me to go toward danger when I'm usually the first one to get out. So...I quickly regrouped took a special education course, fell in love with a job because of my amazing little brother, and the rest is history.

About three years ago, I started to get the urge to write a blog. I thought about a cooking blog---well, I can cook but it's never really pretty enough for pictures. Then I who am I kidding- I'm not into it that much! And a DIY blog would only be countless posts about Pinterest fails (which would actually be kind of funny) but I wasn't into that either, so naturally I left the idea of blogging alone.

When I started walking with Jesus *for real for real* I started journaling. It was important for me to document my time with God. He was revealing so much through His word and in my heart. He was communicating with me in so many little ways that I wanted all of it to be somewhere that I could read again and again. Then it hit me...sharing IS caring. I am to share my testimony! {Revealation 12:11} No matter what happens when I post it, if someone reads it or if they don't, a desire was given to me to write and that is exactly what I plan to do, consistently :-). No more procrastination, no more excuses, no more blaming my busy schedule and/or the messy desk. From this day forward, I vow to push through my feelings and post when something is placed on my heart to glorify His name. We are to be the light and salt of this world! "No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket..."
We are called to be the light of this world! "No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house. In  the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that every will praise your heavenly Father." {Matthew 5:14-16}
Is there something that God has placed on your heart to do? Is there something specific that you are supposed to be doing but doubt and insecurities are holding you back? I'd love to hear about it and how you plan to start the first step! I encourage you to push through your feelings and be obedient to God. Allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you; walk in full obedience in order to walk in God's will that is good, perfect, and pleasing to Him.

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