Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fear of Flying

I used to be so scared to fly...I would clinch the armrest, close my eyes, and hold on for dear life. The takeoff and the landing were the scariest for me and DON'T let the plane hit some turbulence- oh no!! It doesn't seem natural, right? To just get in this marvelous piece of equipment that somehow stays in the air, trust in the hands of the pilot, and fly. Man, no wonder I had such fear...God doesn't call us to trust in man, He wants us to trust in Him {Proverbs 3: 5}. He doesn't give us a spirit of fear but of power self- discipline and love {2 Timothy 1:7}. 

I'm learning to trust God with all of me....everything. People will fail me and MY plans will fail me, but God will not. Even if He disappoints me by not giving me what I want in the timing I desire, I know it's because He knows better than I do; He is the great Protector. I don't know about you, but I would prefer that God's ways and thoughts be different from mine {Isaiah 55:8}. I find comfort in knowing that even if the plane were to crash down to the earth (okay this just got sad), it means my time here is done, my purpose was fulfilled, and I get to go rest eternally in the mighty hands of my Father. Death could not hold Him down and because of Him, it no longer can hold me. Fear of flying broken! Now let's just be all the way real, I'm not ready to go from this earth, I'm not ready to leave my family, and I feel like there is still so much promise in my heart, but I can't be worried about when my time is up; I don't get that choice. I try my hardest to let the Holy Spirit guide me, so that I make godly decisions but the rest I give to our Maker and His plans. Everything in this life deals with perspective. Do you see things from God's point of view or from this world? Please know that I didn't just one day board a plane and find myself in the land of lollipops and gumdrops. I had to practice replacing worry with prayer {Philippians 4:6}. When turbulence starts (on a plane or in my life) I call on His mighty name and again I'm reminded that no matter what He is with me. I am not absent from fear, but I know Who to call on when it starts knocking (and it ain't ghost busters).

Now, before boarding a plane I just pray. I touch the plane while walking in and give it to God (the functioning of the plane, the wisdom/discernment of the pilots, and the hope for a safe arrival).  I don't trust in the pilots...I trust in the Protector. 

As I landed safely at my destination and endured the landing without closing my eyes or holding on the armrest for dear life, I'm reminded that our Father has our life in His hands. I'm reminded that he cares about all of His children this way. I'm reminded that He has given His children an indescribable peace and an unexplainable joy. It is ours to access, no matter our circumstance. Find it within Him and stay focused on Him! I envisioned His hands firmly placed on that plane guiding it to the final destination and it just makes my heart smile.

What fear are you allowing to keep a hold on you? Begin today praying to God and asking Him how you can begin to let go and let God. 

Until next time....Fly without fear!
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