Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This is For the Ladies!

How's it going??? I can't believe Autumn is here already!! I love seeing the leaves turn colors and all of the pumpkin flavored food and beverages. I've been looking up a few recipes to create my own fall drinks. The goal is to save me from constantly going to coffee shops...Anyway, enough about Fall, I'm sure you are here to find out the latest on my journey. Let's just say things are quiet but loud at the same time. Is that even possible? Life is great and I have no complaints! God is certainly working on me and and guiding me more each day. I'm certainly grateful that He allows me to stumble through life, but is still willing to give me wisdom through each lesson. It's like I'm being prepared for something and I have no idea what it is. God is pretty amazing that way! I know that if it's God's plan for me, all will be well! Now onto the story...

The other day I decided to spend some time on the couch. Yes, this usually gets me into a lot of trouble...Netflix AKA the devil, tried to get me hooked on a few new shows, but I stood my ground, turned it off, and decided to just skip through a few TV channels. I came across a show (I think it was some reality TV) and a woman was clearly upset because a guy didn't want to be with her. She goes on to describe how all of her relationships seemed to end that way. The guy pursued, she gave in, and all of a sudden he would lose interest. The show seemed to spend way too much time on that scene, so I decided to give in to my Netflix desire and started watching a show from a previous season. In this first scene, a woman was touched by a guy inappropriately, and the woman responded by saying "I still have it!! Guys still desire me..." I immediately turned it off.

Yes, I know these situations aren't actually "real" but they kind of resemble what happens with women. This hit a cord with me. Woman A was SO upset and felt like her dreams were destroyed because of a significant other, while woman B felt desirable because of an inappropriate interaction. Feelings are something, aren't they? One minute we are up and the next we are down. Sometimes it really just depends on which way the wind blows and that will determine if we are happy, sad, angry, frustrated, etc. These situations (paired with some fun girl talk) got me thinking about people (women specifically) and how we look to outside sources to make us feel beautiful, valued, or loved and it made me a little frustrated. As women we sometimes settle for anything because we don't realize our value and how much we are worth!

When it comes to relationships we as women tend to feel desperate for love. We want a man around because we feel as though that might "complete" us. Somehow we are made to feel less if we aren't married with kids---you know the "single woman disease"-- Don't you just love the questions:

"Why are YOU still single? How old are you?? You better hurry, time is running short--What's that clock again, oh yea, biological--isn't it ticking? Why don't you just have a baby? You don't really NEED a man!"

Don't you just love all of these questions/comments. If I could give you an answer to any of these things then it would probably make it that much easier for me to not be single. So for everyone that ever feels the need to ask these questions of single women- We don't know why we are single, but God has a plan. Please allow Him to work it out. I appreciate your desire to focus my attention to the fact that I am single and getting older---but I already know. I can hear the clock (that our God created) ticking. Just saying...Yes I'm done. :-) Anyway, I trust the process and will continue to wait as God works in me and my future hubs. But as I wait ever so patiently,  I am reminded of some things that I know now that I wish I would have known a few years ago!

Know My Worth

I am royalty, you are royalty. Say that with me "I.AM.Royalty." Mali Music's song Royalty just popped in my head and totally got me off track (squirrel!)...As women (men too but this is for the ladies!) we have to understand who we are and just how much God loves us. We were created in His image (Genesis 1:27) and knowing that God has this undying love for us (Ephesians 2:4-5)  should make us have a little more confidence in who we are. It should make us not accept certain things because we know we deserve better. God thought we were worth saving. He died (death couldn't hold him down though) so that we may live. We are worth something to Him therefore worth more than any value that this world puts on us. I am not worth more or less because I look a certain way, someone thinks I'm special, or any of the material things that I own. ALL of those things are temporary. I am not worthy because a man decided to look my way or approach me. Feelings change and people change. The only thing that remains constant is God. He breathed life (Genesis 2:7) into us  and we became worthy. He placed you and I in our mother's womb with every detail of our life already thought out. He made us without flaw or mistake. Please know that we are worthy and deserve more. Don't let this world tell you anything less. We belong to Him!

In Love with Him First 

I love all the movies where the man or woman tells their significant other "you complete me" as they are holding back tears. That line gets us each and every time- Hook line and sinker. But it's truly just a popular cliche...and that's it. Nobody should have the power or authority to complete you but God. Believing that another human being will complete you will put us in a world of trouble. What happens if they walk out on you, hurt you, cheat on you, lie to you, and/or any number of things that could happen. Are you then not whole? We operate so heavily on our ever changing emotions, it makes us unstable. We are truly like a box of chocolates...

But God is the same (and stable). He should be the only thing that can completes us. I believe God allowed my past relationships to be such disasters to show me who I should trust in. God wanted me to build my foundation on Him first and no one else. He wanted me to realize that people will always have the ability to disappoint me, so if I place my happiness with them...their actions will determine my mood. If I place my joy in God, and look to Him, I will always have peace. Therefore not giving anyone the ability to steal my joy. So now when I have an issue, I go to God first, the way He intended. I seek God with all my heart and everything else will follow (Matthew 6:33). Even when He sends me "the one," Jesus will still be my "all." Find peace in Him. Because God is so thoughtful and has a plan for our life, my future hubs will have the same thought process. God will send me a man that will pull me closer to Christ, and away from sin #GodsWay.

Don't Believe the Hype

My final point on the soapbox! This world will have you to believe that we have to accept anything thrown our way by men. That we have to compete for their attention and they are the prize. The alarming news is that there is a shortage of men and that women out number men all over the world (I might be a bit dramatic, but you get the point). The world will try to make us believe that our expectations are too high and that we will never find a godly man. Lies! Lies! Lies! (John 10:10) Remember the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy (my new favorite scripture against the enemy --since watching WarRoom!) It could be true that women out number men and that this world will never meet my expectations...But thank God I serve the author of ALL, God Almighty. Do you know He created the world in 6 days, parted the red sea, healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, stopped storms with His voice, and so much more? So what makes you think that He can't/won't provide a helpmate during our due season?? The key is "due season." There is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1-15).

Nothing is impossible when you believe. If I use the world's logic, yes I will be single forever...because that means I would have lost faith in our God! But I strive to have that unshakeable faith. That faith that believes in a God that is oh so creative, believes in the simple details, and finds joy in creating miracles in our lives to glorify His name. Faith allows God to work in our life (Matthew 17:20). The moment we stop believing in what we can't see, the enemy wins, and God waits patiently for us to get back to our belief! I challenge you to not believe the hype of this world and have some unbreakable faith that will move mountains.

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