Monday, May 18, 2015

Single Black Female Seeking...

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Don't you just love the title of this post? As soon as I thought of today's topic, this came to mind. Now on to the topic for today, online dating....hehehehehe Leggo! :)

I always joke about online dating. I tell my friends that I don't want to do it because I will probably be the person that ends up meeting that slightly cray cray guy. And because I talk about it so much, it is bound to just happen that way, right?!?!?! Great logic, I know.  However, at this point in my life, being the mature 33 year old woman that I am ;-) I know that online dating is just something that I don't have an interest in at this time. I have strong faith and I know that I can't speak anything into existence (only God can) and He isn't going to punish me because I think the absolute worst-case scenario.

I know that nothing will happen in my life unless it is pre-approved by God, so it made me wonder, what's the big deal? Why won't I just go online, take a few pictures, post them, and go on a few dates. I might find my partner faster? Right? Umm, not so much?!? Sure I can try and force my will and timing on God, again! But I already know how that will end. God has given me enough examples of how things can go wrong when Amber is in control!!!

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Ha! So the truth will set me free. Am I trying to "help" God if I start dating online? Would it come across as me saying "Jesus, I think you forgot about me, are you sure you don't need my help--are you sure?" For me and my journey there is nothing that leads me to believe that I need to date online. God really doesn't need my help. I'm sure He wants me to stay far away from the helper role when it comes to my love life. Most of the time I just create a bit of a mess. I'm really good at making a mess of my life and then crying to God, "Clean up needed on aisle 9!" The great thing about messing up is that God already planned for the wrong turns that I continue to take. Often we ask God to bless our mess or bless the life we planned for ourselves; not even thinking of what He wants for us. We make the decisions but who is the first person most people blame? God Why did you let him cheat on me? Why did he pick her!?!?!?!?!?!? Why won't he marry me? Why doesn't he love me? Why won't this work? We go WAY ahead of God's timing and cling on to people He asked us to let go of then we blame Him when it doesn't work out. I have to always tell myself, don't try and go ahead of God it never ever ever ever ever ever ever works out! I'm being dramatic, but you get my point. God has perfect timing. Don't force your timing on him! If something is meant to be, God will see to it that it and believe-- "If you can? said Jesus. Everything is possible for one who believes"-(Mark 9:23)

I have no desire to date online. It isn't apart of my journey at this time. Could this change? Of course! I try not to speak in absolutes...I may sound like a broken record, but I have no control over what happens in my life. I could say never and God could make it happen tomorrow. I have NO idea what the future holds.  If suddenly I have a strong urge to make an online profile, I will know that God is softening my heart to the idea. If something in me is leading me toward that decision...yes I will do it. But it will only be because of God's direction. I trust that He will put me in the right place at the right time to meet the right person. His perfect plan.

Remember this is my journey, if the Holy Spirit pushes you to venture into the world of online dating- please listen to Him. Everyone's journey is completely different. Just be sure it is because of God and not because of desperation. Pray over your situation and wait for an answer. If you don't get a clear response, just keep on waiting. Don't allow your emotions to make decisions for you. Sometimes God calls us to take action and other times He calls us to be still...This is certainly my season of being still--preparing for the day He calls me to action!

This single black female is seeking waiting on God's best!

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