Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just A Little Something...

Last night I had a few single friends over and we watched With This Ring, a LifeTime movie that premiered yesterday and I have to say that it was very entertaining. Three women made a vow to meet the man of their dreams and get married within a year. Those that did not get married, had to settle for "that guy" that they didn't really like but adored them. In the end they realized that happiness comes from within, but of course there was a happy ending; they all ended up getting what their hearts desired. This movie made us think...What do we vow to do this year? I guess I answered that with my vision board for 2015 or did I?

One of my favorite quotes is from Woody Allen (I actually never knew it was his quote--I just hear it all the time), "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about your plans!" Don't get me wrong, I do believe we can pray/ask God for things that we desire, but above all else His will, will be done with His perfect timing. I know I say this a lot...but I believe it to my core. As I mentioned earlier, I created a vision board within the first week of January. Isn't it awesome??

As fun as it was to make a plan for myself, I know in the end I will only experience the things that God has planned for me. I never want to force my agenda because it will not be God's best.

I'm pretty sure God checked out my vision board and gave me an A for effort. So the new plan, one that God may approve of: I vow to pray to God and patiently wait on His response. If I don't hear anything--I will be still-Psalm 46:10 (this is so hard for me). I vow to change what I can, accept what I can't change, and learn the difference between the two (Prayer of Serenity). I vow to love my current life and not make idols out of my desires. And most importantly I vow to speak and act from a place of love. Easy enough right?!?!?!?! Oh the Journey!

To all my single ladies (all my single ladies)--- in my Beyonce voice...yes I listen to some secular music! Let he without sin cast the first stone!!!! ;-) But seriously, Don't spend time worrying about who and if you will find the one. Concentrate on the "Only One" our God- "But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all things will be given to you as well." Matthew 6:33
Enjoy your current season and find peace with yourself. God will bring you everything you need. Just as I speak this to you, I speak it to myself,because it is difficult to be alone. However, you can be alone without being lonely. He (God) will put you in the right place, at the right time, and have you meet the right people-----if that is His will for your life. Learn to be okay with your now. Do what brings you peace because unexplainable peace is often how God speaks to us. That inner voice is God (The Holy Spirit). Because of this I stay in my bible daily, so I know what God sounds like and can better determine His voice in all of my storms (another tangent).

Please don't misunderstand me I'm not saying to pretend that you are okay with being single, it is not the, especially if you are a woman that has a strong desire to be married and house some babies, yes I just said house some babies...hehehehe  Tell God that it sucks, if that's how you feel, but more importantly learn the lessons and appreciate His protection.

I'm very careful now when I engage in conversations about love, relationships, and future plans. I try not to say blanket statements because in the end, we don't know what to expect. All we know is that God will work for the greater good. He is pure and holy, so our greater good looks a lot different from His. When you are able to see and know all (past, present, and future) I'm sure things look a lot different. Isn't it just amazing what our God can see?!?!? We make decisions knowing so little, only what we can see, but God knows ALL and makes a decision based on that...So don't worry about the details, God's got us! Dream big but be open to the Potter's plan. He may be putting you in some fire to mold you OR just keeping you on the shelf until the right buyer comes along...;-) Praise God for that! (see the Potter's House reference in Jeremiah 18)  So what is your vow for 2015?

In other news, God blessed me with a great health situation! He still has plans for me and it included being baptized! #WontHeDoIt #January14

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