Thursday, August 21, 2014

Water Jug Lessons

My plan for tonight was to have a little quiet time and then head to bed early...but then I had a funny moment that spoke to my heart, so now I will share.

Yesterday I decided to buy this jug of water from target. I'm not really sure why, as it is rather large. I guess I just got tired of the water bottle scene and how often I have to buy them. Anyway, when I got home I immediately had buyers remorse. The jug (is it actually a jug or something else?), is suppose to be horizontal, so that when you pull the lever (that's probably not the right name either) the water will flow and stop when you stop pulling the lever. However, I was not prepared for the amount of time it would take to actually fill up a glass of water. I have a decent amount of patience, but last night I couldn't handle it. I can't describe how slow the water poured from the jug. I immediately looked for ways to pull off the lever, so I could just pick up this large jug and pour it. I used a knife, scissors, and my strength. Nothing worked, so last night I spent 10 minutes filling up a small cup and this morning 20 minutes filling up my large water cup for work. *Times may be exaggerated, just a bit;-)

This evening I was prepared to spend 10 minutes filling up my cup. I pulled the jug out of the refrigerator and pulled the lever, but the lever pulled off completely with such ease. It was a touching moment and I literally laughed out loud. I believe God has a sense of humor and at that moment, I thought the message was "I will not allow you to waste another 10 minutes filling up a cup-go to quiet time and stop procrastinating!" It was a wonderful moment and a feeling I can't accurately describe or explain. I know you are wondering, is that really your post tonight? That God has a sense of humor?!?!?!? No, it isn't the only thing. As I was brushing my teeth the real message hit me. I did everything in my power to remove that lever last night. I used every tool and probably some not so great words to try to remove it. This evening I accepted the fact that I would remain with this jug for 10 minutes in order to get some water, I let go of trying to change how fast the water would pour...and with no effort and with such ease, the lever basically fell off. No matter how much we try to remove/change things, God will ALWAYS do things on His timeline and in His way. Let it go and accept the slow pouring water!!! I needed to hear that!

Now some may say, "well you probably pulled on it so much last night that it loosened it." Yes, I too thought of this. However, I would challenge you to stop looking for "human" reasoning, it's okay to believe.

Please know....
God cares about the little things and uses those moments to teach us. Look for God in everything that happens to you. 

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