Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dust Yourself Off...And Try Again

God gave us this beautiful thing called free will and everyday we are faced with choices. We are the decision makers in our lives. I believe the purpose of free will is to allow us to choose/or not to choose to love God and accept Jesus...God wants us to do the right thing because of our love for Him and not because He programmed us. You do realize He could have just programmed us to all be perfect? He can basically do anything He wants to do. I'm almost certain that would have been easier than to see the state of His world today and the choices we make. But the ultimate love is shown when we make the choice to love and obey Him on our own.

As I venture through my journey, I'm starting to realize that staying straight on my path is proving to be a little difficult.  My friend and I were in the car driving and I asked her "how does the repent process work" and then told her............... "I will google it..." PAUSE---yup I said "google it." My friend politely said to me "maybe you should look in the Bible." Laughter filled the car and I imagine now that Jesus probably threw his hand up to his head thinking "what will I do with this one?"
I'm so use to doing things a certain way that it will take awhile to break some habits and realize that the answers are found in an amazing resource, the Bible.

Well here is the breaking news...I've made some not so good choices a couple of times *maybe more than a couple times*  in the last few weeks. In my heart I felt guilt and shame because I now have more knowledge than I've had in the past and I know what is expected of me. According to my amazing pastor, feeling guilt is okay. However, he warns us to not stay in our guilt "or we will miss the feeling of God's mercy." Feel it, repent, and move forward because God WILL forgive us. Imagine that, once being born again, you are always forgiven. This is what pushes me to want to be better even more. To know that someone will love me no matter what happens and what path I go down. His arms will always be wide open for me. It makes me want to try that much harder to not disappoint Him. We aren't like this---after a few mess ups, we write people off. I'm challenged with giving others the same mercy that God gives me. However, that's another topic for another day.

I'm learning that although God will always forgive, sometimes our choices have consequences. We have to make sure that we don't blame God for our circumstances, when we made the choices to get there.

I will remind myself of this daily:

We all fall and sometimes flat on our face. You have to make sure you get back up, dust yourself off, and try again. Don't allow yourself or anyone else to keep you in your guilt and make you relive your past sins. Forgive yourself because God already has. What a blessing!!!

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