Monday, August 4, 2014

30 Day Fasting

This weekend I had the pleasure of finishing up my last class that is required to join my new church family! I'm super excited to join! This will be my first time making a commitment to a church home and it feels amazing! Who knew that I would be spending my Saturdays at church...and loving it!?!?!?!
It's a decision that I make with peace, so I know it is where I am suppose to be.

The class on Saturday outlined how to accomplish a life of freedom. We discussed the issues that keep us from walking in the "purchased" freedom afforded to us by Jesus. Many of the points allowed some reflection time for me, but I will concentrate today more on addictions.

Nope, I don't do drugs or watch porn. Although I like to occasionally drink, it's not an addiction for me. When you think about addiction these are usually the first things that come to mind. For me, my addictions tend to be more in the social media realm. Throughout the day I find myself checking my Instagram account for pictures or posting something to show what fun thing is happening in my life...because the people really need to know that I'm having a blast, right? Don't even get me started on Pinterest!!! This is my end all be all. Whoever thought of Pinterest---you are a genius and I thank you. I can stay on this little site, for hours. Let's not forget YouTube. I have a slight addiction to makeup these days and let's just say every time I watch a new YouTube video, I end up purchasing whatever these beauty vloggers use (they really are talented). Oh and I must not, cannot forget my favorite past time....Beyonce and Jay Z, I'm pretty much obsessed with this couple. Much like most of the world, right? #Beygency.

My habits seem innocent enough... I'm not hurting anyone. However, after my class I'm forced to reflect and just look at my habits a little deeper.
Addiction can be anything that has come to have mastery over you. We turn to some things for comfort or we just start to form a routine habit because we do it so often. I sometimes look at the mentioned social media without even thinking about it. What's wrong with that?? First, I notice that when I'm bored I like to just browse through my Instagram (IG) feed. Wow, look at the trip she is taking this week, she is getting married- they look sooo happy! He just bought a new house- See where this is going? Without even thinking about it, I'm turning to and starting to envy someone's lifestyle. Pinterest and Youtube can be seen as doing the same, but also once I find something on Pinterest and/or Youtube- I start to purchase. Not good when I'm trying to save and make good financial decisions!

Addictions can be seen as a form of worship, as it requires a form of affection, attention, sacrifice, etc. God is a jealous God and the bible is very specific about having no gods beyond or beside God. Does this mean I have to give up ALL of my fun up??? I don't think so, but I do need to regulate it more and make sure that I'm not giving these things all of my time or at least not more time than I give growing my relationship with God. So for the next 30 days I'm going to fast from the above mentioned things. "Fasting, as a routine part of the Christian discipline, helps these types of activities and/or behaviors not become addictive."

On Saturday evening I removed Pinterest and IG from my phone and officially started my fasting today.What will I do with all my extra time?? Live life and spend more time building a relationship with God, dugh! :-)  During my routine times of IG, Pinterest, and YouTube I plan to just have quiet time. Easy enough...I guess time will tell just how much I need to view my IG account. No slip-ups, that's why I removed it from my phone. The habit is real, people!!!!

Is this post suggesting that you Fast or give up social media for a suggested time period? No, this is MY journey and something that I need to do for ME. Maybe it will move you to explore what is eating up your time during the day? Or maybe it will just make you say this girl has truly gone nuts! 
but I assure you, I haven't. During my short journey so far, I've already started to feel that unexplainable inner peace, I've already started to recognize little blessings, and I've found God in some "real" inner struggles. For me, those revelations are enough to make me rethink my ways and continue to walk through a narrow path to becoming a better me.

Until next time...

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