Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Behind The Scenes

I have no doubt that God is ALWAYS working in our favor. He has a behind the scenes look at all that will occur and the choices we will have to make in order to handle everyday affairs. He knows that we will make a decision, before we even know that the choice is possible. My favorite story to share is one that happened rather recently. It is the perfect testimony to how God will sometimes take away what we want, so he can provide what is best.

I was a classroom teacher for about seven years and worked with students with intellectual disabilities. Although students are my first love, I knew that I would not be a classroom teacher for my entire career. After a very rough school year, I decided it was time to leave the classroom. It was just my luck that I was informed of an available position that would allow me to be a curriculum resource teacher. In my mind I knew this was my opportunity, it felt like this was my chance and that everything seemed perfectly aligned for me. I turned in my resume and went in for the interview. I knew I would wow my interview panel. After all, special education is something that I know, I can adapt curriculum and modify behavior with my eyes closed. However, at the interview the panel probably assumed I was a new teacher. As they asked me questions, I couldn't find the appropriate response. I bombed the interview. I was disappointed in myself...How did I do so horrible? THIS is what I know! 

I didn't give up hope as I still felt this position was for me. 

Fast Forward a few days and I was meeting two of my coworkers out for brunch. The coworker, who is now one of my dear friends, sent me a text to let me know she had something to tell me. I immediately knew...She was also called to interview for the position and was offered it. Really, God? My coworker who is also my friend?? I was SO disappointed, but with myself. I did not want her to feel uncomfortable in any way and wanted her to be able to express her excitement, but it was just awkward. I was upset, with a huge smile on my face...

The following school year I was asked to be the lead teacher at my school, my coworker held this position for about 6 years. Since she accepted the resource teacher position, I was asked to be the lead teacher. In addition to being the lead teacher, I was hired as a coach for new teachers to the county and worked with them during the evening hours. I was asked to attend several meetings that allowed me to advance my leadership skills. That year was my best year as a teacher and I was finally recognized as a leader.

At the end of that year, another opportunity presented itself and I applied. This time, I would not allow myself to bomb the interview. I went to the interview with a portfolio and rocked it. Even if no one else felt that way, I left knowing that I did my best. The panel seemed impressed and I just had a good feeling about it...The next day I was offered the position, my current position. Thank you God!

Did you catch what God had to do behind the scenes? Although I felt like it was my time to leave the classroom, God knew that I still had some growing to do. I wasn't ready. He had to remove my coworker from her leadership role, in order to give it to me. He knew that I would only learn certain needed skills by taking on additional positions as a classroom teacher. I needed that year to renew my love for the classroom as the previous years really left me burnt out. He knew that my current position was a better fit for me in so many ways. Not to mention my office is six minutes from my house!! It was a humbling experience and I'm so glad that I missed what I thought was for me. 

Whenever I feel discourage and frustrated with timing and my current season, I remember my own testimony. If you are waiting on something, trust that God is working behind the scenes for your good and his glory. 

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