Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When Life Got Busy

Can I be honest with you? For the last few months, I’ve been a walking hot mess. Is that too real? I know I’m supposed to say that life has been pretty awesome and I have blessings on top of blessings. These things are definitely true but it hasn’t been all lollipops and sugar cookies. I’ve been away from the blog for a few months because God has been working in my life.  He is revealing those things that are not like Him, those things that separate me from abiding in His Presence, and keep me in full distraction mode.

Did anyone warn you about this part of following Jesus? No one gave me the heads-up that once I gave my life to Him He would begin to turn it upside down and some things that seemed so easy before would become difficult. No one explained to me about the Holy Spirit smack-down, that I would see other people acting a certain way and participating in certain activities,  but the moment I try, the Holy Spirit would check me quickly letting me know “what we NOT gonna do…” Oh this season has been a season of learning that I am not in control. The honeymoon period is over and God is saying to me Did you count the cost? {Luke 14:25-33}.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Uncomfortable Place

Sitting in a difficult meeting is just uncomfortable. Especially with a parent who is not pleased.

On this day, I had a not so happy parent, who was known for a few choice words to demonstrate her displeasure. Prior to the meeting I sat in my car and said a prayer:

“Father, help me to see her as you do.”

I knew that this was the only way to not be offended by her words. If I called on the Protector, He could build an invisible bubble-like force field to surround me and any evil words would just bounce off. Thus, I would walk out of the meeting unbothered, unharmed, with a successful meeting under my belt.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Standing On God's Word

I feel anxious.

The kind of anxiety that makes your heart pound 83 million beats per second. It’s identical to a steady and fast drum beat. My mind started to come up with 530 solutions and 850 scenarios.  

Okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic.

God said be anxious for stop beating so fast heart. Be still.

My heart didn’t listen. I still feel anxious. My mind won’t focus.  

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

When You Don't Feel God's Presence

But then I recall all you have done, O Lord; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago. They are constantly in my thoughts. I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works. {Psalm 77:11-12​}

God, where are you? Have you ever felt that way? Has life been so difficult at times for you or someone you love that you start to question whether God has turned His back on you and your situation? 

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